Siobhan was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and came to Los Angeles to fulfill her life long dream as a makeup artist. Educated at the world renowned Retford Academy in Nottinghamshire, England. Siobhan attended a two year intensive makeup course, encompassing every aspect of makeup from SPFX to beauty, and everything in between. Siobhan stood out among her peers and successfully completed all classes with honors.

As an I.A.T.S.E Local 706 (& Local 480, NM) makeup artist she has worked with scores of talented people in the entertainment industry. Siobhan can work as part of a team or one on one. Since early childhood she spent hours drawing and painting. Her artistic touch and her eye for beauty and detail can be seen in her makeup work.

Siobhan believes in enhancing the natural beauty of an individual and making people look like more beautiful versions of themselves instead of wearing makeup as a mask. Siobhan's light touch illuminates her clients best assets while integrating and complementing hair, wardrobe and character. Siobhan's bubbly personality and down to earth nature creates a relaxing and safe environment for her clients. Her talents and skills have been sought after in Europe and the United States. She has worked on many motion pictures, television shows, commercials, music videos and print. Siobhan is available for work world wide.